Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very Close Encounter

Whether you "believe" me or not... I, literally, spent 2 hours yesterday with this dragonfly. She/He did not fly away. A few times danced around me, then went right back to the raspberry cane. We stared into each other's eyes... We nodded our heads at each other. I spoke a few words, here and there. I thought later: the "time" that had passed was one hour, but in truth it was 2!

I was mesmerized that the Dragonfly was hanging out with me for so long. I had the thought that this seemed truly intentional on both of our parts. A few more feelings arose for me:

The dragonflies are evolving, too.
Once one goes through one's own evolutionary process one is able to truly tune in to nature.
I, obviously, did not feel compelled to do other things or to lose patience.
The Dragonfly did not seem to be compelled to attend to its regular routine? (which is never routine in our sense of the word, it is always in the Field of Now)
At one point, a kind of sadness overcame me, and I had this feeling:
We All have to Love each other Now!
Look at how magnificent this creature is, we are!! We have to See this Now!
This, for me, is the True sense of "getting back to the Garden." The Garden, the Paradise is Here Now! Look around You!! Look Inside You!!
The sense of the whole encounter was Truly phenomenal... can You See that?

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Diane Meier said...

Very good! And I LOVE that cute little dragonfly. What personality you have captured with your camera!