Friday, April 1, 2011

totally new, totally now

describing: 'being in the now'
via words
'paradox' comes to mind

in two senses...
both the use of words, as we have been used to using them.... (the way we combine words is based on a construct, the rules of grammar, the language itself....etc.....)( i love to throw out all the rules... for the sheer joy of it!!)
the knowing that all words are just labels... the description is always not 'it'... we have to have prior knowing, so to speak, to have a conversation with words, in tenderness.... even though, the meeting of our vibrations can transmit this tenderness; calm any storm

so... 'every day' life of living in the now... is ordinary
it is actually 'living in paradox'....without the mental 'play-by-play' of the paradoxical nature of it....

I can know, in terms of the old world, that I am 'living in paradox'
yet, the experiencing in the now, is just sublime ordinariness...
lively tenderness, enriching all experiencing

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