Friday, March 26, 2010

diving or inviting In

It is not an action. It is just a *knowing*, that at any moment of Our lives we Are "doing"/being... exactly what we are meant to be (in this existence).

In other words, the 'diving or inviting in'... Is the surrender. Surrender that requires no "intention" on our body or form or mind's thoughts, actions. More clearly it is surrendering to "the surrender"... in an intuitive-knowing way. And with that, We surrender to Life Itself... We surrender by allowing Life to live Us...

The "Allow" is "knowing" that everything that Is... Is.... and I have gratitude for that.

No second guesses, the See-ing/knowing..... literally blossoms from the Heart Space.... what is Heart Space?.... the Naturally Stilled mind. The mind becomes absolutely clear... and this is generated from what We can call "Heart"...

We go from Our original knowing of Love (being at One with Life, as infants)... to having this knowing covered over with conditioning (no one's fault ....the conditioned are just handing down the conditioning.... they could do nothing different)...

to thinking we can "think" our way out of this state....(all part of the process...everything we do, nothing is "out of place", ever!) coming In to Awakening (for me this is also, literal translation related to my 1st awakening/Seeing).... the Heart starts to pierce through the cloak of conditioning.... bit by bit... glimpses are being shown to Us.... experiences In Our forms.... Inwardly connect to the knowing, to spur Us "onward" in growing Awareness (day-by-day. bit by bit)... to a state of temporary mind-Heart.... then Heart-mind...

and spontaneously the Heart is revealed/uncovered withIn this Natural Unfoldment.... and Life continues to Deepen Our ordinary existence ....constantly In the Now... the ordinary become exquisitely Extraordinary.... filled with Peace.

For me, it is a retrospective awareness, in this moment.... that the whole of my life situation is exactly as it is. That We Are *In Truth/ Reality*... no matter what our minds tell Us... (We Are In Consciousness/Consciousness Is In Us)

The paradox is that We Are always this Be-ing of Love... the only thing that changes, is: We become Aware of this fact!

And Our Awareness, completely changes Our Out-look-ing.... as Our Point of View from the In-side merges with what We


? said...

Everything is exactly as it should be. Maybe you are right. However, this means that also the mind is what it should be, a part of the creation.

Every thought, every misunderstanding, everything that takes place, anger frustration, irritation, love and hate, friendship, laughter,,,

Many, many things are there.

Doreen said...

Everything is exactly as it is. Take out the "should be." This changes the sense of what my words point to.

The mind is as it is. Yes. (No "shoulds" involved)

Let's take an example:
Your daughter tells You that she wishes she were prettier than she is. She has an idea that she is not pretty "enough" due to conditioning. It is our human condition to be conditioned by society, our family, our friends, etc.

As a person wakes up to the truth of reality, they realize that these beliefs about themselves and other people are not the truth of what IS. Awakening becomes a 'process' of effortlessly letting go of the conditioning... rather than trying to change our conditioning. And in that, just by being Aware that the egoic consciousness we have been 'conditioned by' is not the truth of who We Are... liberated in the present moment... unfolding into "the end" of repeating the conditioned mind's repetitive thought pattern...that essentially is a 'pack of lies'. The irony or paradox... is this:...this waking up... does not occur through our minds. In fact, our Hearts us of the Truth of Life...through a mysterious, albeit effective, process of quiet-ing the "normal" compulsive thinking of everyone's mind. (I suppose, there are varying degrees of this common madness that we ALL one has been IMMUNE, so to speak, until Now... a few have been enlightened, here and there...throughout the ages...though not the mass awakening we are seeing now)