Thursday, February 11, 2010

reincarnation is amusing
of course! as
Being Consciousness
We (have) experience being


Doreen said...

Benjamin, it crossed my mind that You may think I was attempting to copy Your circle... but only this thought crossed my mind

Benjamin Dean said...

My circle? Did I invent the wheel? Excellent. Your concern shows your level of sensitivity which is evidently robust. After I self-published "Coffee Stains" and was trying to get it on I found another book of poetry on there called "Coffee Stains" with stains even. The great single mind thinks alike.

Say, doesn't reincarnation require time, or is just dimensional differences that appear as time because things change? I only ask because I'm feeling like a cup of coffee.

Doreen said...

omg-ess LOL!!
Have You heard of Timothy Freke...the Stand-Up Philosopher?
I'm dubbing You the Stand-Up Poet, (of sorts!)

Yvonne said...

May I join the *circle* with a scribbling from a few days ago ...