Thursday, January 14, 2010

And (then) It Is Now

Until You awaken,
Every word You utter is a monologue
And You are the audience, as well

Until You awaken,
You believe You know what is in the minds of others
You don't know that "the mind" doesn't really exist

Until You awaken,
You have never, knowingly, lived this moment of Life
You have lived in the past through your memories, and in the future that never comes
(neither exist, at all)

Everything You have ever read or learned about is mostly fiction
The novels were closer to touching the truth

Until You awaken,
Everything You have ever accomplished is of no consequence
And everything You plan to do, shall not occur (as You planned it)

Until You awaken,
You have never felt the warmth of the sun on Your face---just that, alone
(without endless mind-chattering disturbing these moments)...
And after awakening each moment is as the

All You can "do" is Allow This moment

1 comment:

Benjamin Dean said...

You write everything I know.