Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Non Brow spirituality"

The spectrum of suffering is contained in all judgments.
You may have lots of little criticisms directed toward you by a spouse or friend, day in and day out.
You may be going along relatively happy with your life and illness strikes.
And you may judge this situation like this: "This shouldn't be happening!" OR "What can I do to make this disappear?" OR "What did I do to deserve this?"

But it is happening regardless of your thoughts about it.

You may have severe mental illness and you are continually Judged by the 'system' to be unworthy of care as You are incarcerated over and over and over again... for actions that You CANNOT control!If You have alot of money You feel that You deserve it, are entitled to it, worked hard for it, are smarter, better looking than the garbage collector or welfare Mom (where are the "welfare Moms"?) or artist or the children in the slums of Mumbai
Collectively our judgments make enemies out of our neighbors.
We begin by judging each other with violent thoughts or actions; often leads to war. Maybe in some far off country, where we have no true view of what an enemy looks like or is.
You judge an Other as if You know, precisely, who that Other is; when You haven't a clue as to "who" You (Really) are

from "my""Effortless Endeavor":
Byron Katie makes a CLEAR POINT:
You cannot "drop" an idea or judgment BUT when You recognize that it is (absolutely) POINTLESS to argue with "WHAT IS" THEN, the judgment or 'idea about someone or something' WILL DROP YOU!!!

this is truly wonderful, this IS!

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