Friday, March 20, 2009

Open Wide

To become a "follower" of ET (Eckhart Tolle) is to miss the "point". But, really, there is no point. We Are All Equal In This. All "will" have, "have" had, Are "having" realization (at some "point"). And that point occurs in the field of Now. There Is no past and no future, only as "concepts". And concepts are not Real.

Eckhart has shared with the world "his thoughts", "his" knowing of the Now. The Now is available to Us All! Know that this "channel" to receive is Wide Open! I share with the world through "art" and there Is Truly no art In It

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely true Doreen. Eckhart has simply opened up the idea to more people, to the whole concept of being in the moment.

We each need to find our way.