Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Are Consciousness and Consciousness is Now (more and more) becoming conscious of Itself. It's like consciousness is an artist and the world is the canvas. Except, Now, the artist becomes One with her/his creation. Like the ecstasy of creating when You are doing something and You "seemingly" "get lost" in the Doing/Being.... it, Really, is more like "Being Found". This is a "tangible" experience of feeling the Oneness or Unity Consciousness. You and Your Creation are One.

This is where the idea of "God" has gotten confused. We can know that "something" creates. But the creator and the created cannot be separate. And that is what we have "done/thought" with our minds; we 'conjured up' separation from our creation, our consciousness, our Oneness. Now, We Are, in a sense, remembering the basic Connection of Everything; waking up from the deep slumber of the active mind. The mind that overcomplicated our essential Nature (which Is of the Miraculous) and allowed Us to misinterpret Life to being only of the dimension of form. Now, many will See the Formless dimension in All its Glory; and thus *"returned"* to the All/the Sacred/the Divine/the One/Consciousness.

*We Never left "It"; We, just, could not See It.*

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