Monday, January 19, 2009

No One can be known, not even the self because these are All "parts" of the formless dimension.

We don't know anyone or anything.
This, too, has to be given up...
-Thinking that we know things, especially about other people, and labeling ourselves, too. This constricts and binds us. We are enslaved by our minds.

A new "dream", in honor of MLK, is to wake up from the dream of form

Some will say this is "blasphemous" but I dare to say that we cannot be judged, at all, even for the "content of their character". "Character" is determined by an other's "idea" about You. It is just a thought. When people do "bad" things it is not due to "character"; it is due to illness. And we All suffer from this madness of the lots of small ways and some in big ways.

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