Friday, January 2, 2009

"Faith" No Longer Needed

Do we need proof that we exist? Do we need approval from others for what already IS? Do I need to kill myself in order to live, because of pride? Because of someone else's "thoughts" about me? It's all just thoughts! We are all interconnected and we need to embrace this fact, NOW. Just because one person's circumstances "work out" and an other's do not has nothing to do with effort. It is only a belief about the way society functions. The highly functioning societies have continued to exist from the very the Kalihari Bushmen. (See the film: The Gods Must Be Crazy)

If we lived in harmony with Nature we would not judge situations or "others"

It does not take a lifetime of "trying to make improvements" to come to the realization that nothing can be improved with our thoughts. 'Takes A Moment

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