Monday, July 21, 2008

We are ALL (completely) connected. All our movements, all our choices--interwoven. The fabric of our lives. ALL ONE. I "gave up" so much to BE who I AM and gained the Universe. Just to know that we ALL are connected, with each step we take, all in the Now, is worth the ride!! I will never again wish Life was other than It Is. (This is IT, ALL we'll ever have. And in that realization you are FREE.) To be creating, Live Life. Don't squander it or let it pass you by or live for others in your head. Or believe in what is true for someone else. Those who have suffered deeply, perhaps they woke up in one glorious moment. You can't take that away from them. You can't make their "lives" worthless. Or meaningless. You have to surrender to pain to live. No one can "survive" in constant "pain." Physical or psychological. Think about it. When you surrender you reside in the space between. Hawaii or Kolkata.

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