Wednesday, July 9, 2008

People tend to judge, most critically, those that they "love." They take them for granted and use them as their scapegoats. Jesus has been used as the whipping boy for "Christians' sins." If Jesus HAD died for humanity's sins, then we have done a lousy job of honoring that and finding our True (Unconditional) Love; what we are born with. Why do Christians use Jesus as their poster boy and continue to be so cruel to one another? The only explanation is: we have All been unconscious and insane. It is easier to Love people you don't know then the ones that are closest to you. Make THAT your spiritual "practice"; begin by loving your children, your parents, your siblings unconditionally. You may not prefer to be with a parent or sibling, but that is OK; you can still Love them, unconditionally. You may "think" you Love them already, but check with your heart. When you realize there is a difference between "ego love" and True Love you are are are "reborn" or "incarnated" to your essential "self."

The symbol of Jesus' death is a pointer for all the little deaths that Life is about. We HAVE to die to our SELVES with every psychological pain or we remain unconscious. There is not alot of "practice" involved with this process. The only thing "to do" is accept your OWN suffering, to see it for what it is and in THAT the flames of Love burn you back to wholeness.

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YoU aRe truLy a WiSe PersoN..