Thursday, July 17, 2008

I think acceptance of what is, now, in this very moment, in this sphere, is not condoning violence, war, etc. The "yes to what is" is not fighting against anything and therefore it breaks out of a cycle. I guess, I'm "objecting to" an endless condemnation of the ego mind, which we have all been a part of, because it is like the ego mind trying to fix itself...that's never going to happen. So, we can agree that heinous acts have been perpetrated on "innocents" but some people go through a "hell" day in and day out, too. Knowing that the formless within never ends is helpful because otherwise your pain "seems" endless. I think it is precisely the ego mind that fears the unknown and therefore has to commit violence in many, many ways in an attempt to ward off "death" (or it meets death in the "hope" that, there, it will go to heaven). But, in truth, death never comes. It may be like a dreamless sleep, which we welcome every night. (I think I got that from Byron Katie, sort of.) That peace. "Rest in Peace." Actually, once you "get" the "peace" it just continues. The "thinking" mind served a purpose for awhile and then it just got madder and madder until it went completely beserk!! So we can condemn the violent acts of the past but I know we have to view them with the insanity "defense." The consequences of those actions are still being played out. And now we have a chance for a new earth. Heaven is right here, on Earth, each of us has to find it but we have helpers, like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Robin Wiseman, etc. And it is found in the Now. Here.

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