Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free from All Stress

I'm an advocate for the new earth. One more stress. This would dissolve many problems. We could compress cars into coffee tables and/or re-use the parts to make friendly trains to connect the villages. Traveling on the "slow" train would be a journey in itself rather that "just" a means to get "somewhere." Because, with the lack of stress, there would no longer be a desire for speed or hurry; therefore earth-friendly vehicles could be made with biodegradable materials or never deteriorate--"new" ones just get endlessly recycled/re-used. And the point of these vehicles is that without the speed and hard materials there would rarely be an accident...and if there is everyone would just laugh uncontrollably and then be on their way or perhaps they would have a picnic together or just watch the plants grow. AND with "super-minor" accidents and no more stress the hospitals would become centers of pleasure/rejuvenation for those aging (which is celebrated and honored). Massage and touch therapy (etc.) would be the primary modes of care in these centers. Aging is, thus, no longer considered an illness; and with this natural process the body lasts longer due to the elimination of stress. I end here today. The possibilities are endless for the new earth, this is one small part of the whole scenario.

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