Thursday, May 29, 2008

Society treats children like second-class citizens. How absurd to demand that children (of ANY age) must RESPECT their elders. I know it is the other way around. Once you deeply honor the children True Love will grow. We can change the way we live simply by loving all children UNCONDITIONALLY! To be in the presence of children is a GREAT learning experience and a deep, deep honor.

So many children are spiritually wounded. It is time to love them ALL!! It is not the fault of ANY child to be born into unconscious families; they can get through the misery if they can see Love, somewhere. All they "need is love." (without ANY conditions)

Children come into this world "through" us. The heart is the ONLY place where children reside. We do not "own" them, they are not "ours." Relinquish them with your heart.

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