Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear Eckhart,

Can you give me a job playing for you? I am ready. I love natural light. I am natural light. And space. I love. I love being here. I love being. This is my resume. I love knitting. I love seeing. I love nature. I love you. I love. I am love. We are love. Life is love. A stream of love. Light is love. The nature of love. The love of all. The love of all that is. Love is not an "it"; love is. Love. Love. Love. All we'll ever be. Our true nature.
Love is the state of living in the Now. Love is uncovered in the state of Now. All that is required is a shift, a realization, that comes out of the All. No action; stillness. The Stillness of All. Love is All ways (already) here. The Stillness of Love/The Love of Stillness

Thank You

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