Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Light a New Candle

Yes, we are completely crazy. A few, perhaps quite a few, are stepping out of the madness, now. But if you are still mad you won't be able to see that. Awareness. The awareness of the madness is all it takes. Then you are on your way to stillness. It is not easy for the habitual patterns of our conditioned existence to disappear all at once. "Simple, but not easy." Yes, incredibly "dreadful" things have happened but that is beginning to change. We have to transmute that energy wherever we stand. Wherever we are. We do that by being the essence we are. To struggle against the "negativity" creates more of the same. I guess when some sea animals began to evolve it took awhile. But obviously many did not resist the change. Perhaps some saw their new appendages as tumors, and others said, "Wow, how cool is this new apparatus I'm sprouting!" Some of us are used to being "outsiders," for others it takes a seemingly painful struggle; many will not see the "light" until their earth life is finished. It doesn't matter, we can hold the light for them, until they catch up.

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