Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Eckhart,

I could say that my awakening process began in 1981, perhaps it has been happening my entire "life", in this body, which would be marked by 1956. In 1981 I had a brief (8 day) meeting/encounter/experience with a person that I would come to know as a catalyst for knowing "my" True Nature. I ran away from this person, in fear, at the end of the 8 days. Years later, for reasons I did not understand, I searched for this person (among others) due to lucid dreams I was experiencing. All I knew was, he had been kind to me in a time of intense emotional chaos. I "thought" I had received something powerful from the location (like an energy vortex) but now Know that our connection was/Is about Waking Up to Consciousness of Love. Universal Love. A memory in the cellular body of knowing who I AM. The beauty of soul connection, synchronicity, telepathy comes from Grace through the Way It Is.

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